Weekly Project Update

This is my Final image for my Grateful Dead Poster Project.  I changed the background after using the blob brush to trace the bear in the middle.  Then I added the text above and below the circle in the middle.

Weekly Project Update

This is my final image for my DC project.  I traced the DC logo and then scaled it down; adding it as a symbol, I used the symbol sprayer tool to add the differently colored logos around the artboard and then adding the White logo in the middle with the text below.

Tutorial and project updates

These are my tutorials.  They taught me how to use effects to make it as though the sun was shining on an object creating a type of shine to the object.

This is my Michigan Wolverines Logo Poster Project.  I traced the outline of the Logo as well as added text that wasn’t the exact same as the original but close.

Good Charlotte Poster Update

This is my final image for my Good Charlotte Logo Project.  I added text to the 2 main letters to make it more noticeable about what it is about.


These are my two tutorials for this week.  I learned how to use the symbol sprayer tool as well as how to make the symbols that will be used.  I also learned how to use two lines to make one shape that can be changed while using the direct selection tool.  I will use this in the future by using the symbol sprayer tool to add a background to some projects.

Element Typography Project Weekly Update (Final Image)

This is my final image of my element typography project.  I finished by adding the colors to the words and then a darker background to bring out those colors.

Project Update

Update on my Element Typography project.  I added more words into the typography.

Project Update

This is how far I am with my element logo typography project.  I have words in the top left part of the logo so far.

second tutorial set


These are the three tutorials I did.  I learned many things from them, one thing was that using the transform, distort, and drop shadow effects can make major changes to my project.  I also learned about using the mesh tool to select a certain part of an object so that I can change the colors and the object shape.  I will use this in future projects because I will be able to use the transform, and distort effects more effectively.

Minimalist Poster Project

Final Image